The Challenger Expedition: Exploring the Ocean’s Depths
By Erika Jones, published by Royal Museums Greenwich


On December 1872, HMS Challenger, especially modified to support a team of civilian scientists, set sail from Portsmouth, England, to begin a round-the-world journey, unique for the scale of its ambition and scope. The Challenger Expedition: Exploring the Ocean’s Depths tracks the paths of six objects associated with the expedition, including the Baillie sounding machine, a starfish, a photographic album, and HMS Challenger itself, to reveal the stories of the often hidden work, technologies, and international collaboration at the heart of this nineteenth-century scientific endeavor. Lavishly illustrated with objects from the National Maritime Museum and significant collections around the world, The Challenger Expedition is a fascinating tale of scientific breakthroughs, global trade networks, empire, and the legacy of the Challenger expedition on the modern study of oceanography.

Available from a range of booksellers in the US, UK, and the EU, such as Blackwells.

**upcoming publication, release date 1 March 2023